Queer Student Union

Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to help foster a thriving queer community at UC Davis and beyond. We provide additional resources that contribute to and bring together a vibrant network of LGBTQIA+ organizations on campus through coordinating social events, networking opportunities, and participation in local activism efforts. QSU welcomes people of all identities and creeds that do not uphold systems of oppression. Developing open bonds and friendships is how we envision building a community that validates our individual lived experiences and unique identities.

Community Agreements

"Sharing Squared"

We encourage discussion from all members. With that, it's important to consider how active participation takes on many forms. Be mindful of how you engage. Try assuming a new role!


For many reasons, privacy is increasingly a serious concern. We respect that. QSU does not actively identify our attendees.

"I" Statements

Please center personal experiences and narratives. Avoid generalizations. Consider intersectional perspectives.

"One Diva, One Mic"

Respect others.
Don't interrupt.

"Throw Glitter, Not Shade"

Be supportive. Passive aggressive behavior has no place here.

Integrate Self Care

Downtime is essential.
Nourish yourself!


Jamie Burns

she | her | hers

I'm a second year undergraduate from Hawaii majoring in Animal Science. Outside of classtime, I enjoy theatre and playing sports, especially ultimate frisbee, soccer, and volleyball. With QSU, I serve as Co-President collaborating with Angelo. Together, we coordinate weekly events, programming, in addition to our many annual trips and traditions.


Angelo Quiroz

any pronouns

I'm a second year undergraduate from Southern California majoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. Outside of classtime, I work as a Scholar Intern at the LGBTQIA Resource Center and with UCD Campus Recreation and Unions. With QSU, I serve as Co-President alongside Jamie. Together, we coordinate weekly events, programming, in addition to our many annual trips and traditions, including our community-sourced Femme Drive in Spring 2017.


Cariann Perumal

she | her | hers

I'm an undergraduate of junior status pursuing a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in Sociology. Outside of class, I enjoy sports. Currently a captain for the Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team. With QSU, I serve as the community outreach coordinator, in addition to assisting the organization of our events and traditions.


she | her | hers

I'm a 4th year undergraduate majoring in Global Disease Biology. Playing ultimate frisbee through sport clubs on campus is one of my favorite extracurriculars. At QSU, I typically help out in role of secretary, dealing with logistic operations.

Jake Newman

he | him | his

I'm a second year undergrad from San Francisco. Currently pursuing a bachelors in Design. My professional interests center around software development and related industrial processes. Outside of class, I've worked as a tutor for lower division Computer Science at the Student Academic Success Center here on campus. Volunteering at the LGBTQIA Resource Center is also a favorite passtime of mine. With QSU, I serve as the Director of our first ever Community Research Initiative alongside my role as lead producer of graphics. Find out more on my portfolio site.

Julian Litauer

any pronouns

I'm currently a second year undergraduate from San Francisco, active in the Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program. I am particularly interested in how gender and sexuality relate to neoliberalism and colonialism as well as their implications for community formation, action, and resistance. At QSU, I serve as the Social Media Coordinator.

Join Us

We host weekly meetings discussing queer topics and issues, ranging from historical to contemporary landscapes. Intersections of queer identities, privilege, religion, dominant cultures, and stigma are central to our dialouge.

Every Tuesday 7:30 - 9:00 PM

LGBTQIA Resource Center in the SCC

Contact QSU

Got questions, feedback, or concerns? Please let us know!